What is Cylesoft?

Cylesoft is changing everything all the time, like water. Like gravity. In Earthly terms, Cylesoft is the online work of Cyle Gage. The term Cylesoft is commonly used to describe the mystical workings of his craft, the immeasurable quality of his wizardry, the unbelievable capacity of his intellect, the uncanny ability of his perception.

Cylesoft builds that which cannot be constructed, generates that which cannot be imagined. Cylesoft itself is an emergent property of the most complex of systems; the unpredictable, the unforeseeable, the very unknown that normally lies dormant as the terror within our souls. Luckily for us, Cylesoft is a force for good.

And it may soon be the only thing that saves the Internet from itself...

Wouldn't it be cool if...

These are the dreams already realized by the magic of Cylesoft. I'm a huge fan of open source, so everything here is 100% free and available on Github. Because God didn't charge any development fees when he created the universe, humankind, and beauty.

... I could have a custom sound board on my iphone? damn son, where'd you find this? it's IanBoard for iOS.

... I could have my own internet? Yeah, that would be cool. Good thing Cylesoft has started working on it. It's called CyleNet.

... I had my own video transcoding farm, like YouTube does? Everybody should get one. Now you can have one, too. Set up your own farm today.

... I could track my projects at a high level? Well, now you can. I call it The Hold Up.

... I could experience time as Cyle does? The universe needed an answer, and I've provided one. It's called CyleTime.

... I could see how everyone in my department feels? Jeez, feelings are hard. Maybe we need a web utility for it. Here, take the Feelings Tool.

... I could have my own super-high-performance static-file blog like it's 1995? Well, now you can. It's called Statiblog.

... I could post cool links on a site, like del.icio.us before it got dumb? Yeah, it's simple, and bookmarks exist, but here ya go.

... I could listen to my iTunes library but with a much better interface? Really, I hate the "shuffle" feature on iTunes, so I went overboard. It's called Browser Radio.

... I had a simple, clean RSS reader like Google Reader was? I built one because RSS is still awesome. It's called FUCK READER. The code is freely available so you can set up your own instance.

... I had a simple, Go-powered REST-accessible graph database? Yeah, I thought so. Check out SIGIL, with libraries for PHP and Node.js already.

... there was a tool to help coordinate lunch at work? Where should I buy lunch? Where should we eat? Answer it with the power of technological democracy via the Lunch Utility.

... there was a fast cache and API for Nagios service monitoring? Nagios is great, but getting data out of it? It's awful. Well, here you go.

... I could turn my big HTML page into a proper book? I did this because I love writing in HTML. Meet Bookmaker.

... I had a bot version of Cyle for my company's Slack channel? It'd be really cool. Now you can. He's known as Cylebot.

... I could view 4chan's /b/ board's images in a giant window? Oh, you know you want this one. I've named it the 4chan Image Scrubber.

... I could view a random image from my saved GIFs folder? I collect a lot of GIFs. We all do nowadays. View a random one.

... I could experience a bizarre expression of digital solitude? I'm working on it. Meet Veronica.

There are even more dreams realized that I can't share (yet) because they're locked behind the iron gates of employment. This list will continue to grow.