Damn, I have a lot of thoughts about things, as evidenced by my many blogs. But I've never dedicated a blog to what I do for most of my time during the day: web development and systems architecture. I read a shitload of web dev blogs, and I read that piece of shit named Hacker News (I will not link to it here), and I have a lot of feelings about this stuff.

I'll share those feelings here, as well as new stuff I'm working on, and neat things I find in my interweb travels.

what is "cylesoft"?

CyleSoft began as a joke that my coworkers used to describe two things: the aesthetic of my work (black text on white background, lots of spacing, Helvetica font) and the reliance on my custom solutions to complex problems. Instead of spending a lot of money on an enterprise-level solution that may fix 85% of the problem, why not have Cyle whip up some CyleSoft? It hasn't always been the best choice, but it's stuck.

and who are you?

Me? Cyle? Speaking in the third person? I'm Cyle Gage, web developer and systems architect.